Assess the View That Stalin’s Policy in Eastern Europe was Motivated More by Spreading Communist Ideology Than by Extending Russian Power

Stalin’s policy in Eastern Europe had a variety of motives geared mainly to two ideas, the spread of Communist Ideology and the extension of Russian power, the variety of motives are often conflicting and nevertheless in some of the interpretations it shows how these two aims are closely linked, however his policies in different Eastern European countries were evidently varied according to their situation. This may go some way to explaining the different interpretations viewpoints as they look at Soviet policy in a variety of countries and therefore cannot by their very nature be generically categorised, however they do tend to espouse general themes of Stalin’s policy. Read More

Charles Wright Mills

Charles Wright Mills was the most inspiring sociologist of the second half of the twentieth century, his achievement all the more remarkable for the fact that he died at 45 and produced his major work in a span of little more than a decade. He was a critic of ideology and a social scientist as well. According to many people he was both a scholar and radical, but unfortunately never quite succeeding. Mills had many ideas and philosophies, which some were agreed on and others objected to. He spent a great amount of time dealing with the writings of Karl Marx and Max Weber. Mills mixed the ideas of these two sociologists to come up with some of his best ideas and thoughts. The combination of Marx and Weber helped develop Mills’s theory of social reality.  Read More

Sociological Imagination

The individual and the social- what do we mean when we start talking about individual interpretations as opposed to social interpretations

Critical consciousness

The structure of society is the same concept- the way that stucture is built, held together and the various institutions gives rise to a particular type or shape of culture. This means that we are socialised into a particular type of social character (eastern person or western person or hunter&gatherer). Read More

Honor and Spaniards

Honor, for 18th century Spanish colonists was first a value that determined one’s place and reputation in a public eye, and it was the basis of pride and precedence, but first it had to be acknowledged by others. Man could earn or win honor, whereas women could only maintain or lose it; being without honor was considered worse than dead, which is why Indians and slaves were invisible to public eye and constantly mocked.1 Read More

NHS Essay

I was thrilled after I had received my letter informing me that was eligible to be a part of the national honor society. Once I looked it over and saw that there was an essay part of the application, I thought it would be difficult to “brag” about myself. While I was thinking about how much I am an active member of the student body at LUHS, the task proved to be not too difficult. Read More

Crimes in the Name of Honor

How important honor is? In various countries throughout the world, particularly in the Middle East and parts of South Asia, notion of family honor is extremely important. The reputation of a family in the Islamic world rests on the reputation of its women. Women are usually killed because their families suspect them of “immoral behavior”, and having thus dishonored their families must die. These kinds of crimes are justified in the name of honor. Read More

Bill Clinton ; An Honorable Man

Marrian-Webster online dictionary defines honorable conduct as that which deserves and calls respect and honor to it. In society today, honor is given to many different types of people. Those who are truthful, honest, and selfless are thought to be honorable people in the eyes of many. However, some believe that anyone whom holds a position of power is, without a doubt, honorable. In recent events this theory has been proven wrong when president Bill Clinton was accused of having sexual relations with a whitehouse intern. Read More

Honor: One of the Four Pillars from

Honor. A code of integrity, dignity, and pride. As one of the four pillars described in the movie “Dead Poets Society,” it can also be described as a pillar for life. With honor comes respect and a closeness with those around you.

Honor can be demonstrated in many ways. I would like to talk about the biblical sense of the word. Honoring thy mother and father as commanded by Jesus in the ten commandments. It’s more or less a responsibility regarding a child’s respect for their parents. Read More

NHS Speech

Each of the five candles used in tonight’s ceremony symbolizes a particular characteristic of a National Honor Society member, namely, Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service.

The gold candle portrays the lustre of the riches of scholoarship. It is significant that the symbol of worldly wealth should be chosen to represent this ideal since scholars are not just born but are the product of diligent effort and much refinement. Read More


When I was 12, I saw my eldest brother walk across the stage to receive his award for his years of dedication to his National Honor Society Chapter. He possessed all the requirements for entrance into the National Honor Society. Ever since, I have had my mind set on following in his foot steps and stepping farther. I feel I acquire all the qualities that are mandatory, and moreover, that I am qualified for entrance into an organization as important as the National Honor Society. Read More