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I am deeply honored to be among the exemplary students who are being considered for the National Honor Society. I must admit that this is something that I have been looking forward to since the beginning of my high school career. I believe that this organization does great things in society, and that I can play a part in furthering the impression that is made. I like to think that I deserve this honor and this chance because I have worked very hard to get here.

The National Honor Society is known for recognizing students with outstanding grades and commendable characters, I believe that I have both. Last quarter I received a commendable G.P.A of 3.8. My grades are my top priority at school because when it comes down to it that is what I will be judged on, not to mention my character.

As a leader I hope to be able to use my power to aid in the uplifting of others. I hope to prove myself to be a good example and mentor for those who seek help. My leadership in my temple played a large role in my life. I have headed many activities for the youth groups, including, talent shows, story hour, and lock-ins. I believe that leadership is not about one person dictating, but rather that it is a team effort. As I participate in activities where I am the leader I make sure that I work with my peers and listen to their ideas in hopes that we can join together to devise a creative plan of action.

I pride myself on being a good role model, not just in my home and school, but also in my community. I have participated in many activities that served to help the community. As a tradition since I was little, every year my family and I take a trip to various hospitals around the county during holidays, leaving patients with flowers, gifts, and just spending quality time. This is something that I hope to continue and pass down when I have a family of my own. I believe that it is my duty to share all that I have been given to those who are less fortunate, not just because I would want someone to do the same for me, but because it’s right. That is why I always donate canned items, toys, and books to the homeless and needy via school and the community.

Just being considered for the National Honor Society has been a privilege for me, one that I will cherish even if I do not get in. The Society promotes leadership, service, exceptional grades, and good standing; I believe that I have all these things and more. There is so much that I believe that I can bring to this society. My ultimate objective is not only to help make this organization better than it already is, but also to help each member of the organization to gain personal achievement and success that they can use for themselves and also use to serve others in the community. I hope to serve as a follower of great things and a leader of even greater things.