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When I was 12, I saw my eldest brother walk across the stage to receive his award for his years of dedication to his National Honor Society Chapter. He possessed all the requirements for entrance into the National Honor Society. Ever since, I have had my mind set on following in his foot steps and stepping farther. I feel I acquire all the qualities that are mandatory, and moreover, that I am qualified for entrance into an organization as important as the National Honor Society.

As a student, I believe I have the scholarly ability required to be a NHS member indicated simply by the fact that I was nominated for entrance into the NHS in the first place. However, I have been on the principal’s honor roll every year I have been eligible, including my most of my elementary-, middle-, and high- school years. Since the beginning of high school, I have made it my objective to make a 4.0. Thus far I have yet to get a grade lower than an A- and am now challenging myself to more advanced classes. I think my solid academic record demonstrates that I have the scholarship required for entrance into the National Honor Society.

For most of my middle and high school careers, I was involved in many sport activities. In addition, I am very grateful to have had the chance to of participated in these, because I feel they have given me many leadership qualities. Even though I may not be the most outspoken person, I believed that I have helped, and led in some cases, my basketball and volleyball teams to many of the victories we were notorious for. Often I found myself having to sacrifice my own free time and personal desires for the benefit of my teams. This, I believe, is the most important part of being a team player and a leader, the ability to sacrifice some of the things one wants for the overall gain of the team.

In addition, service is the quality of National Honor Society members that I have the hardest time finding a worthy example for. I have been involved in my church, which included helping out with donations. In addition, I have done community service programs with the Future Business Leaders of America, including planting trees and collecting cans for the homeless. I feel that I haven’t had ample opportunities to be involved in many community service projects. So, I believe that being a part of National Honor Society would let me have the chance to volunteer and help out the community. Additionally, I have realized that I really do enjoy helping other people, as well as giving up a portion of my free time simply for the benefit of others. I think that this is why service is such an important part of becoming a NHS member, because without it, one would not know that there is a reward to be found in selflessly helping others: the reward of personal satisfaction, of knowing that something good was done for no purpose other than the sake of doing something good.

I feel that if I am fortunate enough to earn inclusion in the National Honor Society, that I would do nothing detract from the prestige and respectability that is associated with the National Honor Society. I believe I have a lot of qualities to offer to the Fort Zumwalt Chapter of NHS. However, I feel that I will get more out of becoming a member. I will get the satisfaction of knowing I achieved such an honor of being recognized for my accomplishments and the opportunity and challenge to become active in schools activities and community service.